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New Brace

Since Robbie has aged out of Early Intervention he has had quite a bit a regression on his lower left side. We have started doing private physical therapy and he will continue with all therapies in school as well. We began seeing an orthopedic specialist to make sure we weren't missing anything else.

Robbie had to get X-rays done and it showed that the left side of his hips are not aligned in the correct way so he will have to get X-rays done yearly to keep an eye on it and to make sure it does not get worse.

The surgeon referred us to an orthotist out of Hanger Clinic that was so incredible. She played with Robbie and knew right away what was to be done. She gave us the correct brace to help him try to get everything aligned and walk in the correct way. We are so very hopeful that he will get through this like he has with everything else.

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