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Robbie is 3!!


Robbie has had a very busy couple weeks! He has officially transitioned out of Early Intervention. He will no longer receive his therapy services from the state. We will truly truly miss each therapist so very much! They played such a big role in getting our little man to where he is today. Robbie has been with his Occupational therapist since he was 4 months old! She will always hold such a special place in our hearts. Physical and Speech therapists have been in Robbie’s life for a shorter amount of time but have touched our lives just as much. Each one of them have given us something that we thought we may never have with Robbie. They helped him grow, they helped him learn, they helped him crawl, play, WALK, and TALK! We weren’t sure if Robbie would ever walk or ever talk. He has grown so much and has accomplished so much in just three years. His therapist have become family and we will forever be grateful for all of them! When one door closes another one opens. With therapy services ending through the state, Robbie will now transition into preschool! We can’t even believe we are saying that already! Yes our boy will be starting preschool next week, where his therapy services will continue. We are so thankful for such a wonderful team at the school that took the time to sit down with us and explain every detail on how Robbie’s school day will look and all the services he will receive. We are thankful that he will still be receiving therapy and he will now be around other kids to keep helping him push through and push forward.

With all of this going on Robbie just celebrated his THIRD birthday! He spent his special day with family and then attended the Chicago Wolves Game. He had a great birthday weekend and was very thankful for all of his wonderful gifts. One of his gifts was a new big boy bed!! He absolutely loves it and is back in his room like a big boy. Crazy how fast time is going by.We are emotional to see our baby grow up but we are thrilled and so unbelievably blessed to have such a fighter that has pushed every single day to get to where he is. Every milestone whether small or big is a beautiful moment and we are so proud of our little superhero! He is going to do so great in school and we are ready to tackle this next chapter in life.

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